24 April 2010

Mei Tai 280

Mei Tai
z bawełnianymi pasami. Wszystkie pasy wypełnione. Pasy naramienne długości 220 cm, pas biodrowy - 200 cm.

Panel dwustronny. Jedna strona - wzorzysta bawełna . Druga strona -bawełna z aplikacją maszynową.

Kapturek bawełniany.
Boczne wypełnienie panela. Sznureczek do podwiązania kapturka.

This MT's straps (both shoulder and waist) are made of cotton. Shoulder straps are 220 cm long and 12 cm wide. The waist straps are 200 cm long. There is a generous amount of padding in both shoulder and waist straps.

The body panel is fully reversible, the main side is made of cotton, reversing cotton to with machine embroidery. Soft leg padding has been added for your little one's comfort.

This MT has a generous cotton pixie hood . Thanks to little hidden ties, the hood can be neatly rolled up when not in use.


  1. Hi, i would like to know how and where these Mei Tai can be purchased ? Ho, and are you shipping to France and what would be the cost ?

    Thanks in advance for the answer.


  2. Hi Delphine, please, email me: melkaj@melkaj.com /Agnieszka